Hi, I’m Michelle Rawlins

Author & Freelance Journalist

  • I write books about the feisty women who helped win World War Two.
  • I am a ghost writer, taking commissions to write memoirs and life stories.
  • I write news & real-life features for national newspapers, women’s magazines & digital platforms.
  • I work with people from every walk of life who have a story to tell.
  • I help charities & businesses gain publicity & awareness.
Michelle Rawlins

Picture by  Scott Merrylees

Hello, I’m Michelle Rawlins and thank you for popping over to my website.

I’m an international award winning journalist, author, university teacher, copywriter, blogger and ghostwriter – in no particular order.

I’ve worked for national newspapers, women’s magazines and digital platforms for 25 years, as well as writing five books.

My non-fiction Women Of Steel was released in June 2020, telling the stories of the real life women who worked in the Sheffield steel factories in World War Two.

Following its success, HQ Stories commissoned me to write a trilogy of fictional novels based on these women.

The Steel Girls was published in April 2021, followed by Christmas Hope for the Steel Girls in November 2021. Steel Girls on the Home Front hit the shelves in Spring 2022 and The Steel Girls at War was published in August 2023. I am now working on books 5 & 6 in the series.

My first ghostwritten book, A Friend For Christmas was released by Penguin in November 2018.

When I’m not turning people’s words into print, I’m busy teaching in the Journalism department at the University of Sheffield, where I am the MA Journalism course leader.

This website is here to tell you more about the work I do and to provide you with the means to get in touch if you either have a story to tell or would like a helping hand with your branded or sponsored content.

Turning stories into print is what I do best!

You can also follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or on Facebook, to see what I get up to.

For journalism, I’m on Facebook and Twitter.

To take a look at my work as an author, click here.

When I first joined the features team at the UK’s biggest selling magazine, Take a Break, the commissioning editor at the time said: “Get to know Michelle Rawlins!” It was one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received. Twenty years on, having commissioned dozens of stories from her over the years, she still continues to churn out the best real life stories in an increasingly competitive market.

As a freelance writer myself now, I often wonder how she does it. Then I remember the story ideas that used to land on my commissioning desk hours before I’d even arrived at work, the lovely chats we had on the phone and the laughs along the way. Not to mention her brilliant copy.

And so, if it’s a hard-working journalist you want with a magic human touch, Michelle is your woman!! Trustworthy, honest, funny and without a doubt the best in the business.

Kirsty English